Sunday, December 5, 2010

Post CIM

Good Morning and Welcome!

Tower Cafe is pretty much everything I like in a breakfast destination; a large and varied menu, including seasonal items, excellent (and generally attractive) service, and an awesome decor.
This morning felt like a Greek Omelette sorta day, paired with some Cinnamon Orange tea. The tea, while a little light on the orange, went very well with the tang of the feta and kalamata olives. The cheese also tasted excellent with Tower's specialty potatoes. The potatoes are the perfect mix of crispy skin and mushy insides, like a sunburned Twinkie. The tots can usually use a little more of the onions and bell peppers that are conservatively sprinkled throughout, as they add a nice counterpoint to the potato texture. The omelette was large enough to be completely filling alongside the potatoes and a small slice of cantaloupe.
My dad joined me, and we had just finished our annual tradition of calling mile times of the California International Marathon. He ordered the Carnitas Rojas, which he enjoyed. He mentioned that the carnitas were not too dry, as he often finds at other restaurants, and they were served in a bright-red tortilla cup. The plate also contained the potatoes, eggs, and small flour tortillas. He also sprang for a couple mudslide cookies; chocolate cookies filled with a gooey fudge. These also went very well with my cinnamon tea, although it is biologically imperative that I consume milk with anything that chocolatey. All in all, a very tastey and invigorating way to start the day!

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