Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Made Of These

Maybe it was the Fresh Choice.

Whatever the cause may be, I had the strangest dream I've ever had last night. Coming from me, that's a bold statement. My dream cycles tend to start at boring, things-I've-obviously-thought-of-that-day, then they get a little stranger, then I have one or two really bizarre, sci-fi doozies. Last night I skipped all that middling nonsense, and went right to the strange.
But, this is a breakfast blog, right? So, for the breakfast record, I'm at Noah's bagels, enjoying a cracked peppercorn potato bagel with garden veggie shmear, and a cinnamon and sugar bagel with some strawberry shmear for "dessert." It's eight in the morning, and I'm heading home from work.

So in the first layer of the dream (that's right, I'm getting Inception on you) I was reading a book which had two different ways to read it. It was called the Book of Gregs, and one of the ways to read it told the story of three people named Greg; two baseball rivals from 20s or 30s, and a doctor. The doctor had discovered that one of these men had a debilitating disease, and rushed to tell him. However, he got to him right before the game, and not wanting to disrupt his playing by telling him horrible news, the doctor decided to wait until after the game. The player dropped dead at home plate. In the dream, this totally made me cry.
I now interrupt this blog to tell you how terrible the Black Eyed Peas have become. Jesus Christ. Stupid Noah's canned music. Anyway...
Now, this book, and its multiple ways of reading it... At one point it was revealed to me that if I were to flip this book (which, at this point in my dream, consisted entirely of illustrated maps) upside down, then there was an entirely different story. I'm not sure if this was the second way, or if that means that there were in fact a third and fourth way to read it. Regardless, this is the part it gets weird (yes, this part).
In the dream, I had a dream. Actually, it was several dreams, because one of them was a recurring dream involving Stephanie Hyden and Sean Kime and I going through some backyard carnival/funhouse. One of the main points in this dream was encountering a person in a wolf suit.
This is made even stranger by the fact that it is not the first time that a person in a wolf suit has featured prominently in an epically strange dream of mine. In both instances, it was very specifically a PERSON in a SUIT. I have no idea what the significance of this is. One of the times this dream-within-a-dream recurred, I went through the entire experience in character as an adventurous British man, protecting Stef and Sean from the wolf-suited man.
Then, I had another, different, dream within the first (Book Of Gregs) dream. This involved my dad, my grandmother, and a stranger riding in a four-person Rascal, which was really one of those people-movers from Universal Studios, visiting a fictitious Great Aunt's house, driving along a walkway which eventually dumped us upside-down into a swimming pool.
Which somehow, inexplicably, returned me to my first dream, explaining this last parenthetical dream to my roommate Ashley, and Stephanie. I explained this to them as a dream that there was a third interpretation of this novel, the Book of Gregs. How a personal experience could be an interpretation of a novel, I have no idea.
For anyone still paying attention, I happened to be explaining this to them in my parent's backyard, watching a fashion show featuring costumes based on the Sinestro Corps.

Including stuffed alien appendages.

God, I hope it was the Fresh Choice.


  1. So when can expect pages from The Book of Gregs to appear in the waking world?

  2. Right after I can understand Only Revolutions. I feel there's a connection there.

    As far as a film adaptation, however...? We shall see, Gemini, we shall see.