Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Beginning and An End

Today marked the opening of Doughbot! A doughnut shop in the style of Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts, they sling maple bars and apple fritters with bacon, vegan doughtnuts, and more! I rose before the sun to march down there and meet a friend and her daughter so that we could get in on the deliciousness before they sold out! We ran into local musician and fantastic human being Addison Quarles picking up a dozen for himself. I got a Cacao! donut (which reminds me of this Calvin and Hobbes strip);
as well as a "The Dude," a vodka-infused donut that tasted a lot like tiramisu. They're obviously still getting things set up, as evidenced by the fact they seem to have run out of product fairly early. There's definitely a lot of potential there, with a nice big space and the beginnings of robot-related decor. The donuts are cheap, too; hopefully not too cheap for them to survive as a business!
I then attempted to get in on Chalk It Up! Sacramento's annual chalk art festival, but for the first time in years was unable to get a spot! While this is good news for the festival, it's bad news for me. However' I think I'll spend some money on some of the smaller squares and put together a few things; I've been reading a lot of Hellboy recently, and there seems to be some interest in me doing a Hellboy square, as well as a request for Trash Film Orgy's King Kogar. We'll see what tomorrow brings! That definitely freed up my weekend plans, however, and I'm spending some of it soaking up the atmosphere at the downtown Temple location before it moves. Temple is arguably the best coffee shop in town, and this location has definitely played a big part in my life; sneaking downtown when college courses seemed too much, writing albums for bands, taking dates, and just relaxing and enjoying some delicious coffee and tea. It's a very cool old building that used to be a bookstore many years ago, with a distinctive front and booth areas, an odd little bookshelf built into the brick wall, and a fun quaint/funky vibe. The new location opens in a couple days and is merely a block away, so I look forward to visiting that soon and often as well, but today is time for a bittersweet goodbye to a location that's played a huge role in my life, and will always be connected to my life in this city.
I realize I've been a little lax on reviews of late, but I promise there's more coming! Soon; my Pancake Circus adventure and the tales of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, as well as upcoming visits to Pizza Rock and Golden Bear!

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