Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Iron Age

Today I decided it was time to check out Iron (formerly Iron Steaks)'s brunch action. The inside lives up to their logo; austere, flat surfaces, and a kind of blend of ancient Japan and the future... the sort of place you can imagine Weyland-Yutani executives getting together before sending another hapless crew to go get devoured by some aliens. (Three bonus points to the first person to get that reference in the comments). It was fairly empty, in that by the time I got my food, it was totally empty. Apparently Spring Break was sapping their brunch patrons. The menu had a decent selection, and although the Elvis French Toast (French Toast topped with peanut butter, bananas, and whipped cream) was tempting because it sounds so damn bizarre and decadent, I thought I might try something a little more... traditional my first time out. I ordered the Apple Sausage scramble, which came with toast and potatoes. According to their menu, they also serve beignets, which means I'll probably have to schedule a Donut Month. (A quick wikipedia search tells me National Donut Day -- you knew it had to exist -- is in June. Be on the lookout!)

My server was supernice, and commended my choice of a huge, heaping plate of food. The scramble included a creamy cheese that paired marvelously with the sausage, chewy peppers and onions. The house potatoes were topped with a strawberry, but a little on the unimpressive side. As you may have discovered by now, I'm a big fan of -- but a little picky about -- house potatoes. These were simply, well, potatoes, with some season salt. Not bad by any means, just not very interesting. It was a definite bellyfull, though!
I got a little sketching in, and took a quick stroll through the cemetery (where they're apparently holding a plant event, complete with garden tours), and then discovered a
slightly unsettling sight.
Now, to precede this, I did see a cat chomping down on a bird on my way to work tomorrow, and what looked like a small leg bone outside of work on my way home, but today there was what looked like a dog or raccoon mandible laying on the ground, under the freeway. I originally included a photo, but figured since this is a largely food-related blog, perhaps included a photo of the partially decay skull of an animal was not the best idea. Regardless, I'm not sure what exactly all this means about the city's mood (especially in what seems to be the official upswing of Spring). Fear not, though, loyal readers (all five of you)! I remains undaunted in my quest to "Do Everything." Today holds the promise of even more sketching, as I work on the challenge I threw out to Peter Stults a couple weeks ago of redesigning some terrible ugly Batman villains, as well as getting some article writing in.
Not to mention the important goal of watching Battlestar Galactica. No challenge too entertaining!
I've been thinking, of late, of my disappointment in this city's graffiti artists. We've got some good sticker artists (included the prolific, and cat-related "Foot Foot"), and some really good stencillers out there, but as far as old-school graffiti goes... nothing. Nothing as far as big pieces go, at least. C'mon guys, it's time to step up your game, especially when we've got stencillers laying stuff down like the piece below. (Although I need to be best friends with whomever's been throwing up the Barbelith around town).

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