Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I had this Thursday off, so I sauntered down to Tower for a mid week breakfast. Their weekday breakfast menu isn't nearly as extensive as their weekend brunch menu, but it's still full of delicious selections; I tried a new Baja Crab Omelette that was really good. In all honesty, I wasn't in the best of moods, but sitting outside on the patio helped clear my head a little. After an unseasonably cold and rainy late Spring, it seems June is here with a vengeance!

Then last Saturday, I went back to Tower to fuel up for the Third Annual Hunt the Grid, bicycle-centric scavenger hunt put together by the Sacramento Bike Kitchen. My breakfast buddy John and I had compete its inaugural year, and had an insane amount of fun. We put together a lean, mean, bicyclin' team pulled from some of our compatriots at the CalStage Clubhouse, an improv workshop run by two of the most talented women in Sacramento.
Pirated up as the Calstage Clubhouse Cutthroats with Kevin and Jawara at our side, we made our way to the Bike Kitchen and prepared to Hunt! We were given a list of items to collect and a list of photos to take. We also received the first of four "Clue Sets" which contained clues to different businesses in town to visit, and a physical challenge for each area. We split up a lot to cover more area, an apparently controversial approach, since at least one team claimed that that was against the rules. Dear Haters; it was confirmed by the Bike Kitchen that it was, in fact, not against the rules. That's why certain pictures and the Clue Set hand-ins specifically mentioned all team members must be present. Sorry!

Well, actually, I'm not sorry. Because due to our hard pedallin', fast thinkin', and Grid knowledge, we came in Third Place! It was a lot of fun, and every team member definitely had their shining moment. We even ended with a twenty-block race against the clock at the end, but still came out ahead of most of the thirty other teams! We got a bunch of cool swag, but most importantly, had a ton of fun. It's an interested way to explore the city, and see it in ways you hadn't thought of before!

I'm planning a vacation at the end of the month, so I'll be taking it a little easy on breakfast the next couple of weeks to help save the scratch. So you can look forward to my notes on local coffeeshops as I grab some coffee, a pastry, and blog from the table!

And then; Morning Constitutional's first road trip!

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