Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prologue To An Adventure

A garage sale last weekend kept me from my initial plan of a little local coffee shop exploration, but I'm typing this from Naked Lounge, enjoying a much of coffee and a lemon poppyseed muffin. I've previously noted in this blog that Naked Lounge did not have the best facilities for long-term computer work. That's all changed! In this brave new world, they've installed tables that are much easier to work at, a long bench, and lots of outlets. It might be a little less boheme -- although there are still a few comfy old couches -- but it is much easier to hang out for several hours and get some solid work done! I took a Food Handler's Certification test for work, and tried to work out a couple schedule kinks for my upcoming week.
I'm departing at midnight tonight, and then taking the train up to Seattle and Portland for some much needed R&R. It's been a heavy couple of months, and despite some last-minute vacation plan changes, I'm really excited about my Pacific Northwest adventure! I'm looking forward to, among other things, trying breakfast in some new and unusual locations, so please keep those little lookballs peeled for some updates to this page in the coming days as the Morning Constitutional engages in its first trip outside its home city. Gastronomic adventures await!

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