Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Rapturous Breakfast

I can't think of a better trailer for this blog. Last weekend was a fairly kickback affair, and I mostly palled around with my best friend Peter, in what is certainly one of his last Sacramento visits before his departure for the great New York City at the end of June. We went to the R Street Cafe Bernardo on Saturday, where I enjoyed some seriously tasty chorizo and eggs, as well as an enormous chai.

We had a fun couple nights hanging out with as many members of the old crew as we could get a hold of, and eating some delicious food in between. Sunday found us, after a foiled attempt at Tower, enjoying our Post Apocalypse at Iron, where we both had the steak and eggs, while John tried the decadent Elvis breakfast I'd mentioned earlier!

Not that adventurous a weekend, but definitely a nice break. I'll conclude my Old Town Gastronomic Adventure next week!!

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  1. "Not that adventurous a weekend" what you talking about, Willis? It was epic!!! Outing with Amber, mingling with the family, making rounds with the friends, photos in front of Sutter's Fort, watching Michael Jackson videos at Dave/Laura's... wait, that was all me. Sorry... hahahahahaha